Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sound Like Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix's signature sound consisted of the following pedals, guitars, and amps:

Here a sample here:

Amps: Marshall 1959 SLP 100 Watt Super Lead Plexi Head
Cabinets: Marshall 1960A Slant Cabinet / 4x12, Marshall 1960AC Vintage Cabinet / 4x12
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster Reverse Headstock Electric Guitar
Pedals: Dallas ARbiter Fuzz Face, Roger Mayer Octavia Fuzz/Octave, UniVox UniVibe, Vox847 Wah

Stay tuned for weekly updates as to the gear used by all your favorite guitarists...any suggestions are more than welcome.

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fckboa said...

I would suggest the fuzz face is a roger mayer modded one, couple resistors are different, mainly the one connected to the battery is smaller for more current, the one that biases the second transistor is 12- 18k, this makes it fuzz at a higher frequency, arbiter fuzzfaces are very bassy, and the fuzz pot is 2k instead of 1k for more gain. Early stuff was germanium transistors , later stuff was higher gain silicon, sometimes ac128, nkt275, sft322, bc109 etc. Also mayer inventer a pedal called the axis fuzz. Has a different sound. As for the wah he used a few different ones. Vox clyde mccoy, some cry baby's , etc . The main difference between vox v846, v847, v848, is Rq. The clydes have 60 k to 100k there. 847s have 33k. Clydes have red fasel inductors. Also mayer modded a few of his wahs. He made one sound bassy. Made one scoop the mids. There are instructions for these mods online. Its just changing a resistor value. They are all even cry babies , the exact same circuit. In the early days both companies were devisions of wirlpool.

fckboa said...

V847 has a stack of dimes inductor. Cry baby's generally have halo inductors. Also i would recommend true bypass switching mods, on all this gear. Also consider building a wah pedal buffer. Switched on the wah actually wahs with the fuzz turned on. Switched off the wah will act like a high pass filter for the fuzz, but if you rock the wah down you get feed back. both are fun to mess with. You generate infinite tones with this combination in conjuction with messing with your guitar volume knob. Fuzz doesnt react to guitar volume the same way a boss distortion pedal does.

fckboa said...

Hendrix was a master at this craft because he could turn the volume knob up or down with his wrist while he strummed his upsidedown strat.